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by Priyadarshini 9 May 2022

In Singapore, a natural disaster is defined as “ponding.” However, if you routinely visit areas like Japan, Taiwan, or Bali, which are located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, you may have already felt your first earthquake or become concerned about an oncoming volcanic eruption. In this blog, we tell you about natural disaster travel insurance in Singapore.

When visiting such locations, ensure sure your travel insurance coverage covers you in the event that natural disasters disrupt your trip. Here’s what you should know.

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Natural Disaster Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Coverage for Natural Disasters

Natural catastrophes are broadly defined by travel insurance as any event or force of nature that has devastating implications for the environment, economics, or human life. Most natural disasters, including earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, typhoons, tsunamis, and hurricanes, can fall into this category if they are severe enough. If you experience little tremors that cause no harm, you are unlikely to be able to file a claim.

However, keep in mind that many insurers may have exclusions for specific things, like as exposure to nuclear dangers or radiation. The most important thing to remember is that most insurers will not provide coverage for trip changes or cancellations caused by natural disasters about which you were already warned (for example, on government websites or in the mainstream news) before booking the trip or purchasing the travel insurance policy.

So, if you already know that a volcano is scheduled to erupt in a particular location and book a trip there nevertheless, you are unlikely to get compensated for your travel expenses if you end up having to cancel your trip due to an eruption.

Natural Disaster Travel Insurance Policies

While most decent travel insurance policies should protect you from fundamental occurrences like trip cancellation, MSIG TravelEasy is one of the most comprehensive. They not only provide coverage for trip cancellation or changes due to natural disasters, but they also provide some additional benefits. For example, it provides coverage for unused amusement tickets, which can be useful if an anticipated earthquake forces you to cancel your vacation to Tokyo Disneyland.

Tiq Travel Insurance’s entry plan is especially worthy of attention for the extensive range of categories for which you can make claims in the case of a natural disaster, as well as for specifically stating that damage or loss of belongings or travel documents due to a natural disaster would be covered.

What should you do if you are in the path of an earthquake, typhoon, tsunami, or flood?

Travel insurance coverage should often compensate for additional travel and accommodation expenditures incurred after the start of your tour if you encounter a natural disaster in the area you’re visiting. You may need to file a claim for trip postponement or trip disruption.

However, it is always a good idea to examine how your travel insurance policy defines natural disasters ahead of time, just in case they limit their claims to specific ones like typhoons, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Although all of the insurers on our list offer a broader definition of natural catastrophes, you should not assume that this is always the case, especially if you get travel insurance from an airline. If you find yourself in the middle of a natural disaster, call your insurer as soon as possible, preferably before incurring additional costs such as hotel reservations. They will advise you on the documentation required to submit a claim, which may include receipts or police reports.

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