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by Priyadarshini 3 December 2021

Online grocery shopping was previously popular among idle millennials, but recently is growing popular among all age groups. In this blog, we tell you about online grocery shopping Singapore.

RedMart was one of the first in Singapore to offer online grocery, but today all of the major companies, including NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, and even Giant, have online stores. If you’re having trouble deciding which one to choose, here’s a comparison of the accessible online grocers and their delivery fees.

Online Grocery Shopping Singapore

Online NTUC Fairprice (FairPrice On)

Good news: Singapore’s most popular supermarket, FairPrice On, now allows you to order goods online. Not-so-good news: FairPrice has begun charging a $3.99 service fee on all online orders, even if you spend $79 or more to qualify for free delivery.

As a result, our beloved NTUC is now one of the most costly online supermarkets to shop from. That’s unfortunate because NTUC FairPrice’s supermarket pricing are well-known to be competitive. Furthermore, the website states that depending on the delivery slot you select, you may be charged an additional fee.

RedMart (via Lazada)

RedMart has been extremely popular as one of the pioneers in the online grocery industry, with competitive prices equivalent to those at, say, NTUC FairPrice. If you spend at least $60, you can obtain free delivery, which shouldn’t be too tough if you can consolidate a few weeks’ worth of shopping.

Otherwise, shipping costs vary depending on whether you choose Standard (2-hour time windows) or Saver (6-hour timeslots). The standard 2-hour time slot is $5.99, however, at times of strong demand, RedMart may charge an additional fee (e.g. $1.99) for popular delivery time windows. RedMart has a $3.99 Saver shipping option. However, you can only select either (a) 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. or (b) 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Though it is not the most convenient option, Saver delivery does not impose a premium for popular time slots.

Online Cold Storage

Cold Storage Online provides one of the most straightforward delivery fee pricing structures: It’s $7 for items under $59; everything over that is free. There are no hidden fees (yet), which is also a plus. However, it is well known that Cold Storage charges greater fees for some products. The cost will be a major factor. However, some people continue to buy at Cold Storage since they provide superior products that you won’t get at your local NTUC FairPrice.

Cold Storage also provides a clever mechanism that allows you to “choose” a delivery slot as soon as you begin searching. When you arrive at the facility, you’ll be asked to select a time slot based on your zip code. After selecting a time window, it will be held for 30 minutes. Otherwise, it will be distributed to others in the queue if you do not check out before then.

Online Giant

Giant, another low-cost supermarket chain, has an online store, as does Sheng Siong. They’re one of the cheapest places in town, especially if you buy their house brand items.

It doesn’t make sense to conduct your budget grocery shopping at Giant just to be charged a $7 delivery fee, therefore it’s preferable if you can combine $59 in purchases to get free delivery. Giant’s online supermarket, like Cold Storage Online (which is part of the same Dairy Farm Group), allows you to reserve a 30-minute time period while you shop.

Shop from these online grocery shopping options in Singapore.

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