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by Bienu 30 September 2020

Plant a sapling, grow a tree, develop an orchard!


Of course, for your child’s higher education, Singaporeans! A survey reveals that 99% of parents agree that cost of education in Singapore is increasing constantly, whereas 96% pc of parents agree that education is important in ensuring that their children have a successful future.

In such a scenario you must start saving early so that journey from ‘diapers to diploma’ is not arduous. World over parents dream of getting their children educated in some foreign university when he is still a toddler. But they don’t know how to begin and from where to begin!? Statistics shared by HSBC Asian Insurance Monitor reveals that one in five parents are not financially prepared and foresee having to borrow money for paying for their children’s education.


Are you one such parent?

If yes, start now as money doesn’t grow on trees. You have to work hard to build wealth to meet such humongous expenses like higher education to fulfil their dreams. If you are thinking what is the big hurry as child is still in school, you are mistaken. You need to plant money sapling now, when corpus grows and starts earning interest, re-invest, when it becomes a tree, reinvest …so that you have an orchard.


  • Start planning early.
  • Work it into your budget now.
  • Pay off your high-interest debt as early as possible.
  • Don’t be quick to pay-off your home loan
  • Invest the money instead of leaving it in a savings account.


When you start planning early, time is on your side, so make time your friend. You need to contribute regularly in some education saving schemes which give good returns or even some plans for higher education which provide protection too. As it is a long-term saving, you need to take protection also into account. Leaving your money in a savings account, will not enable you to reach your financial goal.

You need to earn from your interest, and not just principal. So, you need to invest your interest also, not only this, but let your capital also grow with the interest earned. Keep away the temptation of using this money for some fancier purpose. Let investment & interest roll over so that substantial corpus is built over a period of time.

Discipline is important for saving. You need to invest in all the seasons and all the reasons. This way you will be able to build a big corpus.

You can consider investing in savings and protection plans which earn through time, build your interest and weathers market movements. You need to understand investment pattern here, before making headway in such plans.


“Education is the passport to future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare it for today.” – American Human Rights Activist Malcolm X

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