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by Priyadarshini 24 December 2020

Singapore is a pretty safe country to drive. However, car accidents are unpredictable and a few mishaps can occur. With road safety, it’s best not to be complacent and be alert at all times. Although there is car insurance to safeguard your vehicle still you should take the right steps to ensure a safe drive. In this blog, we have 5 safety tips to keep you safe on the roads, protect your car & save money!

Don’t Indulge in Over Speeding

Roads in Singapore are not long, plus there are traffic points almost every 200 meters. So speeding doesn’t make any sense! Moreover, speeding is the first sin in the safety bible of driving. Over Speeding will only make you look like an idiot who doesn’t care about traffic rules. And in Singapore, there’s no getting away with speed violations as there are cameras everywhere.

Also, at every other corner, you will find warning signs telling you to stay within limits. Singapore has strict traffic laws and over speeding could cost heavy penalties or even a suspension of your driving license. Don’t over speed, follow the traffic rules, protect your car & save money!

Get Regular Servicing of your Vehicle

By regular checks and servicing, you will keep your car in the best of its health. You will be updated with all the repairs your vehicle may need. The poorly maintained vehicle can be the cause of many accidents. It can be fatal to you and others as well. Keep a checklist and make sure you know about the repairs or replacements your car may need. For instance, engine oil, transmission fluids, battery water, and brakes, etc. Tyres and coolants should be monitored regularly.

Slow Down when you see the Yellow Light 

Next up on the list, don’t continuing speeding when you see the yellow light signal. Singapore has many red-light violations and people here need to be more serious about violating traffic lights. By not following traffic lights you are putting your’s and others’ lives at risk. So, when you are driving and you see the yellow light is on, slow down! This allows pedestrians to cross the streets safely. Moreover, why would you want to shell out money paying fines and penalties? So, be alert and keep a watch at traffic lights, and protect your car & save money!

Car Insurance Policy 

Car insurance is the most important tip to keep your car safe. Your insurance policy has many benefits to safeguard you from unpleasant situations. Especially, the No-Claim Discount or NCD is provided by most car insurance companies to encourage safe driving. Also, you should get an insurance policy that is personalized for your driving habits and needs! Be responsible, save lives , protect your car & save money!

Monitor Coolant Level

The coolant present in your car is responsible for protecting your engine from overheating. Singapore has high temperatures anyway so, keeping your coolant in check is important. If the coolant gauge needs replacement, go for it as the cost of a damaged engine will be exorbitant. Additionally, if your coolant heats up it may cause other issues to your car while you are driving. So, conduct regular servicing to protect your car & save money!

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