Save Money with Smart Homes | Budget Your Smart Home in Singapore

by Priyadarshini 18 July 2023

What are some of the techniques that come to mind when you think of saving money at home? It’s probably something like remembering to turn off lights, double-check faucets, or take shorter showers. They appear to be obvious habits, but getting them done every day is tougher said than done. There is an easier method! Save money without sacrificing comfort with smart home technologies! We tell you how to save money with smart homes

Save Money with Smart Homes

Saving money while creating a smart home – Begin small and simple

Because the IoT environment is always changing, a universal frictionless protocol has yet to emerge. As a result, purchasing too many gadgets too rapidly may result in you wasting money on incompatible devices. As a result, it is best to start small and choose an ecosystem early on, gradually constructing your smart home by changing different components along the way. As your knowledge improves, you will become more adept at selecting suitable products or devising solutions for incompatible ones.

Total Climate Control

Your heating and cooling (HVAC) system account for over half of your home’s energy costs. Unless you’ve invested in a programmable or WiFi-controlled thermostat, your HVAC system is most likely underutilized. It may operate while you are away, heat/cool rooms that are not in use, and rely on you to regularly control the temperature.

Temperature control and zoning capabilities affect only occupied rooms and attain the appropriate temperature significantly faster. The improved performance increased your HVA energy utilization significantly, lowering your heating and cooling costs.

Make Planned Expenses

Plan your purchases carefully to take advantage of deals and promotions and save money on your electronics. A smart home is a growing shopping sector in both the East and the West, and there’s a strong possibility you’ll find amazing offers during key online shopping holidays like 10.10, 11.11, Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday.

Trade-in your Old Electronics

Because smart home devices are mostly reusable, don’t toss them away; chances are, somebody IoT enthusiasts will find a use for them. Try trading your unwanted devices on platforms like Carousell with other smart home tinkerers.

Don’t forget to bring your credit cards – Save Money with Smart Homes

Many smart devices may be purchased online or at electronics stores, so don’t pass up the opportunity to gain credit card benefits. If you buy from Harvey Norman or Courts, you’re probably shopping at a CapitaLand Mall. In that situation, use your American Express CapitaCard to collect points that may be redeemed for CapitaVouchers.

Insurance Savings with a Smart Home

Aside from energy savings, automation systems can help to lower house insurance rates. Insurance companies are in the business of paying claims, but they also try to prevent them and minimize losses. They recognize that home automation reduces the number of claims due to fire, water, and theft.

Automated systems with security features, as well as smoke, flood, carbon monoxide, and other detectors, may qualify you for a substantial reduction on your home insurance policy. Some insurance providers can reduce your premiums by up to 20% if you install certain equipment.

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