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by Priyadarshini 19 January 2021

Perth is the capital of Western Australia and it is the fourth most populated city in the country. However, it is a very friendly and relaxed place to live in and work. The weather is bright and sunny creating a wonderful atmosphere. Most expats would agree that the city has great scenic beauty with plenty of options for your entertainment. There are lots of cafes, bars, restaurants, clubs, theatres, etc. thriving and you will have a good time exploring Perth. In this blog, we discuss six reasons to move to Perth.

Friendly People

Contrary to popular belief, Western Australians are pretty friendly, chilled-out, and warm to mingle with. Life here is relaxed and laid back. You will find less traffic and fewer people rushing to reach their destination. When you move to a new country or a new continent, it becomes crucial that the people there are friendly and welcoming. You would not like to be in a place where you do not inclusive and part of the crowd. If you are looking for a chilled-out city to live and work, then this is one of the six reasons to move to Perth.

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Scenic Beauty

Who doesn’t love to soak some sun on pretty beaches? The beaches in Perth are the perfect spot to enjoy some sand, sun, and the sea. The beaches of Perth are renowned across the globe for their pristine white sand, which is soft and fluffy. Gorgeous blue waters and the red setting sun make for a picture-perfect scene. The beaches in the city are clean and less crowded. You can have all the space you want to enjoy some alone time. Bright blue skies, soft sandy beaches, and golden sun. Couldn’t ask for more right?

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Great for Families

As expats, you may often feel the need to move to a country where you can raise a family. Perth is one such place that will assure you the correct environment you need to bring up your kids. The city is safe and secured and the people here are helpful. Also, there are plenty of options for entertainment and recreational activities for children. You need not worry about the educational facilities as well. Perth has a good education system and you will find many international schools here.

Wonderful Weather

If you like bright, sunny weather then Perth is the place to be. The city has long hours of sunlight giving you that extra warmth and energy. The city of Perth enjoys more sunlight than all other cities in Australia. So, if you don’t like gloomy weather and want to wake up to bright sunny mornings, come to Perth.

Affordable Rent

The prices of property in Perth have considerably gone down over the years. Also, the overall cost of living in the city is lower than most other Australian cities. This makes Perth an attractive place for expats.

Lucrative Salaries

Perth will offer you comparatively higher salaries than all major Australian cities. Western Australia enjoys the second-highest income in the country. This is good news for expats. Moving to a new country comes along with lots of challenges and expenses. Earning a good salary will allow one to enjoy a better quality of life. So, if you move to Perth you can definitely command high salaries. This is one of the important six reasons to move to Perth.

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