Why more & more Software Engineers are moving to Singapore?

by Priyadarshini 20 September 2020

Singapore is the hub of tech industries in all of Asia. Software engineers are moving to the country for an exciting career. The country has always been popular with techies, entrepreneurs, and start-ups businesses. In the last few years, some of the most renowned and large technology giants have made Singapore their home. The country has a big pool of talent and expats from all over the globe. Those expats fly down to make a career here. Perhaps, this is the primary reason why tech giants are setting up their bases here.

Why Singapore?

The answer to this would be the abundance of opportunities for software engineers. Technology and innovation have deep roots here. The biggest names of Silicon Valley like Apple, Amazon, Dell, etc. have their offices in Singapore. The country proves to be a great launchpad for big businesses as well as start-ups.

The start-up culture here is an inspiration for all other nations. Studies suggest that every year there is an estimate of 220 venture capital deals, which is close to 4.2 billion USD. More than 150 global venture capital funds, accelerators, incubators are based in the country. They are supporting small to medium enterprises and start-ups.

Software techies are always on the lookout for bigger & better opportunities. Singapore is continuing to attract more and more organizations to start operations here, thus channeling a steep increase in jobs. More jobs mean more influx of talent.

Why moving to Singapore is a lucrative offer?

The country is a melting pot of different cultures. Besides the opportunities for growth in your career, Singapore offers a robust economy & a high-quality life. Political stability has encouraged companies to shift their operations here. The country is also clean, well-maintained, and extremely safe. These are important decision-making factors for expats.

Although it is an expensive place to live in, the tax structure is low which enables more savings for the common man. Software engineers or other tech professionals who move to the country on work assignments/permanent jobs also find it easy to raise a family.

Popular Opinion

Many studies have ranked Singapore as a top location for talented professionals. The country has also bagged the first position in Asia pacific for supporting & developing talent in the Global Talent Competitive Index 2019.

Moving across the globe for work engagements can be rewarding but very exhausting as well. Expats who have lived and worked in different parts of the world are aware that each country has its pros and cons.

However, dynamics are rapidly changing in today’s times and moving processes that used to take humongous efforts have become easier with the help of relocation service providers. If you are a techie & the idea of moving to the Lion City is hovering over your head, you can write to us at click here for all kinds of relocation queries.

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