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by Priyadarshini 18 May 2022

From recreational sports coverage to daily COVID-19 international quarantine allowance, here are the finest travel insurance plans you shouldn’t skimp on when planning your major adventure. Traveling seemed like an unachievable ambition that had been pushed to the background with COVID-19 still present after two years. But now that the new Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL) are open, perhaps we can finally start planning our next vacation. This blog tells you about top travel insurance 2022 in Singapore.

As much as you may want to cut your foreign expenses to stay within your budget, spending that extra money to insure yourself against any accidents or events abroad is critical, as it saves you from facing large medical bills or bearing the cost of damaged baggage. So, whether you’re a frequent travel insurance customer or have never seen the need for travel insurance, use this as a hint to protect yourself and limit the risks of disasters ruining your long-awaited holiday.

If you’re already making trip plans, here are the top travel insurance plans with and without COVID-19 coverage that you should bookmark.

Top Travel Insurance 2022 in Singapore

AXA SmartTraveller

With AXA SmartTraveller, you may travel with confidence because they provide enough foreign medical coverage of up to S$600,000, and even up to S$60,000 if you become ill after returning from your trip. Not only that, but it also offers S$10,000 in personal luggage coverage in the event that it is stolen or destroyed.

If you are involved in an accident that results in your death or permanent disability, you are covered up to S$700,000. Aside from that, both the Essential and Comprehensive insurance policies include complete terrorism coverage. You will be covered for:

  • Personal baggage coverage of up to S$10,000
  • Coverage of adventurous activities
  • Complete terrorism protection
  • COVID-19 coverage extension

The plan also covers up to S$150,000 in medical expenditures if you get COVID-19 overseas, as well as a S$100 hospitalization allowance per day for up to S$2,000 if you have COVID-19. If you have to cancel your trip due to COVID-19, you will be compensated up to S$2,000, and any travel postponements will be refunded up to S$1,000.

AXA Wanderlust

You may satisfy your wanderlust with AXA Wanderlust’s extensive coverage. You can choose between three plans: Lite, Easy, and Pro, depending on your demands. Their international medical coverage is adequate but not exceptional, enabling you can claim up to S$300,000 while abroad and up to S$10,000 post-trip. Aside from that, any personal accidents that result in your death or severe disability while on the vacation entitle you or your family to compensation of up to S$250,000.

AXA would compensate you up to S$6,000 for any general trip cancellations or curtailments under the highest-tier coverage. There is also 24-hour emergency travel-related assistance if you require medical evacuation or assistance if you lose your passport while traveling overseas.

This plan is comprehensive in that it includes COVID-19 coverage. If you have COVID-19 and require medical help while abroad, you can claim up to S$70,000. If you are hospitalized in another country, you can claim S$50 per day up to S$3,000 in foreign hospitalization allowance. COVID-19 has also affected numerous travel plans, thus if your trip is cancelled owing to COVID-19, you can claim up to S$1,500 in reimbursement.

Allianz Partners Travel Insurance

Is maximum medical coverage advantage your primary worry for your upcoming trip plans? When acquiring travel insurance, consider medical coverage if you are heading to a place where being sick or being hospitalized due to an accident will cost you an arm and a leg. Medical benefits will cover medical attention, evacuation, and support during your vacation.

For the Platinum plan, Allianz Travel Insurance provides limitless coverage for medical and dental expenditures, as well as unlimited emergency transport, the most comprehensive coverage available. They also provide up to S$15,000 in baggage coverage (one of the highest limits) and up to S$25,000 in trip cancellation and interruption claims.

In terms of COVID-19, choosing the Platinum plan will also provide you with unlimited coverage for COVID-19 emergency medical and dental expenses, while any trip cancellations or disruptions will entitle you to the same claim amount of S$25,000.

AIG Travel Guard Direct – Top Travel Insurance 2022

With up to S$2,500,000 in coverage for international medical expenses, AIG Travel Guard Direct is one of the most comprehensive travel insurance policies available. Except for the Standard and Basic plans, they also provide up to $10,000 in baggage reimbursement and unlimited emergency medical evacuation.

You won’t have to worry about contracting COVID-19 with AIG Travel Guard Direct. Aside from the mental trauma of becoming ill, AIG provides up to S$250,000 coverage for COVID-19 medical expenditures as well as an international quarantine payment of up to S$100 per day.

They also provide up to S$7,500 in compensation if your trip is cancelled or you must return to Singapore early due to COVID-19.

FWD Travel Insurance

FWD travel insurance coverage is adequate, but not exceptional, with up to S$1,000,000 in abroad medical expenses coverage. If your personal belongings are stolen or destroyed, you can make a claim for up to S$7,500, plus S$900 for any luggage delay.

You can also experience a smooth claim process because they provide cashless medical claims via their app.

COVID-19 is not covered in their insurance coverage, however, it is available as a rider add-on. You can claim up to S$200,000 in COVID-19-related medical expenditures, as well as S$100 in local or international hospitalization cash per day for up to 14 days. In addition, they would compensate you up to S$5,000 for any trip cancellations caused by the epidemic. Please keep in mind that the COVID-19 rider coverage is the same regardless of the plan you choose as your base plan.

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