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by Priyadarshini 26 January 2023

The global Pandemic has changed the way companies function and with work-from-home solutions, office spaces are changing. The global requirements have changed and the world is adjusting to the new normal. Due to the Pandemic, most businesses have been impacted and so are the criteria for an office space. In this blog, we discuss the trends in office relocation for the upcoming future.

You are not alone if your office space needs have changed. With enforced restrictions and work-from-home setup, the way companies are looking to maintain their infrastructure is an important concern. This goes for both employees and employers.

Trends in Office Relocation for the Future

Downsizing office

Most companies today are looking to downsize their office space. First of all, there have been downsizing of employees almost in every business. To add to the flexible working options, work from home culture, etc. call for a smaller office space. As there is no larger number of employees working in the office set-up. So, in the future, most businesses will relocate to a smaller office space.

Relocating Location

As company owners grow confident in the work-from-home setup, more companies are planning to implement long-term work from home practice. This will allow the lesser need for office structure and flexible working. All of which fewer heads going to the office. So, most businesses will prefer relocating to a more suitable location outside of the conventional large office set-up. Maintaining a huge office infrastructure is a cost company would no longer wish to incur.

A Sense of Community

Companies are more likely to invest in new office infrastructure keeping in mind the wellbeing of employees. Office spaces with a focus on community activity spaces, game rooms, leisure spaces are now becoming a priority for Companies. As the workforce struggles with work from home, along with working for the home, maintaining online schooling for kids, etc. It has taken a toll on everyone’s mental health. So, in the future office spaces will lay importance on a sense of togetherness and community. This is a popular trend in office relocation picking up good momentum in recent times.

Designed for Wellbeing

Office infrastructure will be made keeping in mind bright, and airy spaces. With more natural light, spaces to relax, have downtime, and an overall calm environment. The Pandemic has taught the globe a good lesson for creating conducive environments for all to thrive. Also, with social distancing guidelines in place, small offices will have shift patterns for collaborations and meetings.


Companies across the globe are now lying focus on sustainability. From sustainable business to a sustainable way of doing business, conventional operations are changing for the good.  Offices are looking to create a space that allows active commuting, reduces waste and has a positive impact on the climate. The climate change crisis is a big challenge for the longevity of any business. So, these were the trends in office relocation which will dominate the future.

If you are looking to move your office, don’t delay the move worrying about how big a challenge it is. We at APAC Relocation can help you with your office relocation. And our real-estate consultant can find just the right space for you. Get in touch with us, and we will take care of all your relocation needs so that you can sit back and relax.

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