What You Need to Know About Relocate to Germany

Relocating to Germany doesn’t have to be daunting, especially if you are coming from within the European Union (EU). If you are coming from Asia or other countries, you might need a bit more support. Luckily, there are organizations like us who can help you navigate through your next home country.



All Germans and legal residents have access to free public healthcare funded by hefty social security contributions. It covers dental checks, prescriptions and immunizations among others. Citizens must still have insurance to cover outpatient medical treatments, hospitalizations and pregnancies.

It is wise to have some form of health coverage when starting a job. As mentioned before, Germany’s social security scheme and healthcare system has a positive reputation. A German employer typically registers their employees in the public healthcare system. However, an employee living in Germany for at least two years and earns more than 62,550 EUR (69,600 USD) a year may choose private insurance and it is their duty to inform their HR colleague of their preference. The same employee can still use the public health system voluntarily but is required to pay the maximum premiums. Either way, the employee has to choose one and cannot have both.

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