What You Need to Know About Relocate to Germany

Relocating to Germany doesn’t have to be daunting, especially if you are coming from within the European Union (EU). If you are coming from Asia or other countries, you might need a bit more support. Luckily, there are organizations like us who can help you navigate through your next home country.



Germany is home to 150 consulates, so your country is most likely represented. If you haven’t had the need for consulate support before, then being an expatriate means that you will most likely need them- whether it be for legal assistance, interpreters, medical needs, or even losing your precious passport—a contact from the Embassy is obviously advantageous. Airports Germany has 5 main airports. The busiest one is in Frankfurt. Other airports can be found in Munich, Dusseldorf, Berlin and Hamburg. Emergency Contacts If the US has 911, Germany has 110 for police assistance and 112 for fire assistance and ambulatory care services. Public Holidays Germany does not have an official religion but it is predominantly Catholic and Protestant. Some states such as Bavaria have the most number of public holidays that totals 13, annually. Here’s a list of Holidays you can look forward to-

New Year’s Day

January 1st

Good Friday

April 19th

Easter Monday

April 22nd

Labor Day

May 1st

Ascension Day

May 30th

Whit Monday

June 10th

German Unity Day

October 3rd

Christmas Day

December 25th

St. Stephens Day

December 26th

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Is it expensive to live in Germany?

It is neither the most expensive nor the cheapest. Munich, for example, ranks as the 67th most expensive city while Frankfurt ranks 74th and Berlin at 81st. What’s good is the cost of living in Berlin is seen to decrease because of a rent freeze measure until 2025. Household expenses average around 887 EUR (960 USD) a month with 36% of which is expected to go to housing and utilities. German workers contribute 14.6 to 15.6 of their salaries for public healthcare- half of which is paid by the employee and the other half by the company. If you are relocating with children, then you will be happy to note that public schools are free while private school tuition is around 21,253 EUR (23,000 USD). Not bad, as the State prevents private schools from raising their tuitions. Internet though comes in at 31 to 41 EUR (34 to 45 USD) per month, which is pretty steep.

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