What You Need to Know About Relocate to India

India is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country with the most populous democracy in the world. Several Indians are migrating every year and moving abroad for employment opportunities. APAC Relocations is one of the best movers in Singapore and they assist thousands of people to move in and out of Singapore, no matter their nationality. It is important to know the rules and regulations of international movements.

Life and Culture in India


▸ Indians are generally very welcoming and friendly.
▸ While thinking of renting or buying a property in India, make sure to book a well-recommended real estate agent and an independent lawyer.
▸ There are plenty of private schools and international schools in India; both being great options for expatriate kids.
Living in India is quite different from living in many Western countries. Expatriates enjoy the daily routines and cultural differences in India. Its traditional caste system and some aspects of the Indian society do interest many foreigners.

The rural population is slowly declining but still makes up 66% of the current population, as compared to 82% in 1960. India now has increasing numbers of well-educated, middle-class residents in the big cities. More than 50% of the country’s population is under 25 years of age, therefore, referred to as a youthful country.

Multinational companies, in India, create assignments that help in diversifying the culture in cities. The global market in India experiences a rise in the number of skilled workers and continue to attract foreign interest.

Indian Culture

India can be exceptionally gratifying for those who accept its challenges.

Life in India is loud, colourful and welcoming. Foreigners may initially find it difficult to accept things the way they are but eventually you will learn to grow on the various aspects the country has to offer. Indian families are usually very hospitable and would invite you often to dinner or a simple gathering at their homes. Most people in India are accommodating to strangers who are trying to adapt to life in India.

Many foreigners from the Western part of the world would find that they attract quite a bit of attention, sometimes being made to feel like a tourist attraction themselves. This could mostly happen in rural areas. Though declining, there are many beggars and trans-genders who may approach you for money.

Eve teasing: Caution for women foreigners

Depending on the area and city you live in, as an expat woman, you may come across ‘eve teasing’ during your stay in India, which at times may be pranks and sometimes a cause for great concern. It can include harmless incidents like staring and offensive remarks, or it can go as far as indecent exposure, groping, slapping, and worse. There are many rape cases, of India, in the international spotlight, including the infamous 2012 case involving a gang rape and murder of a young Indian woman.

Therefore, it is advisable for expatriates to be alert during the evenings, nights and while using public transportation as they may attract extra attention due to their non-Indian features. If possible, travel in twos or larger groups and try to find a local friend or guide who can accompany you on walks, sightseeing trips, or shopping expeditions. Taxis are the advisable mode of transport for women, unless you are completely sure of your route.

Despite the above mentioned indecent activities being relatively common, it is NOT socially or lawfully acceptable. The police forces in India are more determined than ever to crack down crimes against women. Toll-free emergency helpline (181) is provided by the government in case a woman feels threatened or uncomfortable. Also, you can use sexual violence helplines in New Delhi, 1092 and 1091, and standard (all over India) police number: 100 in these cases.

Life in Big Cities

Big cities have plenty of opportunities and generally attract many foreigners. If you plan to live in one of the big cities in India, you may find it a challenge to get used to all the intolerable decibels of noise, high levels of air pollution, and crowds. The appearance of beggars can also contribute to the discomfort of many foreigners.

Crowds and traffic, in the big cities of India, can be another challenge while travelling within the city. The overcrowded buses and trains could be uncomfortable, while sitting in a rickshaw can make you perspire. Taxis are more comfortable than other modes but you may find your journey to be longer than expected due to the congestions and poor conditions of the roads.

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