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by Priyadarshini 18 November 2022

Supplemental credit cards enable cardholders to share credit card benefits and perks with family members, most commonly their spouse or children. They can also be used to obtain additional credit, thereby increasing the total credit limit. This credit card is linked to a primary credit card and usually has the same reward structure. In this blog, we tell you about the benefits of supplementary credit cards.

Benefits of Supplementary Credit Cards

Earning rewards more quickly

Credit cards earn rewards as you use them, so the more qualifying transactions you make, the faster your rewards will be earned. Supplementary cards’ transactions are typically combined with the primary cards, increasing the value of qualifying transactions. Supplemental cards can help you earn more rewards at a faster rate in this way.

To cover the cost of necessary services

Giving your children a supplementary card can help them gain access to important services. They can use their supplementary cards to pay for online food delivery or to book ride-hailing services to safely get to their destination. Giving children the ability to pay for their own food and transportation can help to wean them off of relying on their parents or caregivers and encourage independence.

Reduced Annual Fees

It is customary for the first supplementary credit card to be issued at no cost. As a result, rather than applying for (and paying for) two primary credit cards of the same type, households may instead switch one primary card to a no-fee supplementary card. As a result, their total annual fees will be reduced.

As an emergency reserve

A second credit card can also be kept as a source of emergency funds, to be used when funds are needed quickly. Supplementary cards, for example, could be given to children studying abroad to help them deal with temporary fund shortages rather than having to call home whenever they run out of money. Look for a fraud protection feature that allows you to monitor and dispute suspicious charges.

Benefits of Supplementary Credit Cards – To Impart Financial Knowledge

Credit cards do not function in the same way that money does, making them an excellent tool for teaching children important financial concepts. They can, for example, be taught the financial concepts of credit and debt, which encourages them to manage their finances effectively rather than relying on borrowing whenever they run out of money. You can use supplementary cards to teach children how to set and manage budgets because they have adjustable credit limits.

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