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by Priyadarshini 15 September 2023

We bring you the best moving tips and tricks for your move. Our expert moving crew has helped thousands of expats move from one part of the globe to the other. Moving can be a daunting process especially when you are moving across countries. In this blog, we tell you all about the common moving mistakes to avoid. Whether you are moving across cities, countries, or continents, we can help you make moving smooth and an easy experience.

Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid:

Don’t Leave Things Last Minute

You may think that you will hire a moving company a week before you leave and your job will be done. However, the reality is that moving is an exhausting process with long lists of things to do. And we recommend you don’t leave things for the last minute. A tight schedule will make everything a nightmare in your pockets. Also, you won’t be able to negotiate, compare quotes and choose the best. You will miss out including important things making your move even more difficult.

Hiring the Wrong Moving Company

Keep in mind that moving means that you are putting the safety and transportation of your entire household in the hands of strangers. So, it is extremely important that you hire a renowned moving company. Check for good customer reviews, the more recent reviews the better. We recommend you do thorough research and hire only trustworthy and reliable moving partners. Look for recommendations from family and friends and check with multiple companies. Compare their services, quotes, and how they communicate. This will give you a fair idea of which company to pick. Lastly, do not sacrifice quality for the price. It is one of the common moving mistakes to avoid.

Don’t Skip Insurance

You never know when unforeseen events may knock on your door. While moving your household goods from one place to the other, moving insurance is vital. Check with your moving company if they provide insurance coverage. Always opt for a company that does provide moving insurance. Shipment protection comes at a cost but it will be foolish to avoid this cost and risk all your belongings. It is one of the common moving mistakes to avoid.

Ship Every Item You Have

Remember the more things you move, the bigger your shipment will be. And the bigger the shipment, the higher the cost. So, don’t plan to move all your belongings especially if you are moving across countries. Take things that are a must for you. Items that you can purchase at the destination need not need to be carried. Plan well in advance and declutter your house before you make the move. You can choose to re-sell, giveaway, or even discard items that are no longer useful.

So, these are the common moving mistakes to avoid. For all kinds of your moving needs, get in touch with us for a no-obligation quote. We provide shipping insurance, high-quality moving services and ensure you have a hassle-free move!

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