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by Priyadarshini 18 September 2023

Moving is undoubtedly a daunting task and there is a lot to do especially when you are moving internationally. It can become even more stressful if you are moving with a family. Almost your entire home needs to be packed. You can get the best tips and tricks for any kind of move you are planning to make with us. In this blog, we discuss the international moving tips for expats. Our handy tips will help you plan your move better and make the entire moving process easy!

Our expert advice, better planning, and being prepared beforehand will make your move smooth as butter.

International Moving Tips for Expats


This is the most important step in moving your process. Always begin a month ahead in planning what you need to take with you and what are items you no longer need. Don’t move your entire house with you. Remember the more items you ship, the bigger the move. So, always sort out the things in your house in advance and make a list of things you want to take with you. You can choose to donate the excess and spread some happiness.

Talk to Your Kids

Your move is an important step in your child’s life. So, make sure you talk to them and explain about the place you are moving to. Show them videos, pictures, and prepare them in advance for the big change. The more information you give your children it may help to inspire them and get them excited for the new place. This is one of the important moving tips for expats.

Create Different Lists

If you are moving with a family, then this tip will save you a lot of stress. Create a separate list for each member of your family. In this way, you exactly know who needs what things and it will help in case you forget something at the last moment. If you are moving internationally and want to put some of your items in storage, these lists will save you time!

Give Your Kids their own Carry-on Bag

During the move, make your children feel they are an equal part of the moving process. Give them their own carry-on bag, help build a sense of responsibility. You can pack their favourite toys, books, and small knick-knacks they would love to carry throughout the journey.

Making memories

One of the main moving tips for expats is moving with the children to ensure you make the trip interesting for them. Make moving memories by taking lots of pictures, videos and make it an enjoyable experience. You can give them small cameras and encourage them to capture places, things, and moments they like. This is a good way to keep them engaged as kids have very little patience.


Upon reaching your new home, first and foremost make sure you unpack your luggage. Involve your kids in the process and ask them to unpack their own suitcases. The sooner you can settle them in their rooms, the better! Kids will feel comfortable in an organized set-up and find it easy to settle in.

With these moving tips for expats, you will surely have a successful move! Take your time for the rest of the boxes and make it an unpacking party as you explore your new home. If you are planning to move internationally, then reach out to us. We have the best moving services to give you a stress-free move!

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