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by Priyadarshini 14 September 2023

Are you planning your pack your bags and begin a new chapter of your life in a new place? Could Asia be that place? When you think of Asia, people usually recall turquoise oceans, ancient temples, street food, chaotic streets, etc. But Asia is much more than what meets the eye. In a true sense, Asia is a melting pot of different cultures. Expats from all across the globe have called Asia their home in past years. And every year number of expats moving into Asia is rising. In this blog, we tell you about popular destinations in Asia for expats. Read on to find out if your new home could be in Asia.

Popular Destinations in Asia for Expats:


Thailand is by far most popular with both tourists and expats. This country has everything from ancient temples, elephants, lush unruly forests, beach sides to cosmopolitan cities. It is one of the popular destinations in Asia for expats. Chiang Mai is very friendly with expats and you will find foreign families, first jobbers, and digital nomads working here. The country has a laid-back vibe and Bangkok is the perfect place to work hard and party harder!


Singapore is another popular expat city in the world. The country will offer you the best quality of urban living as it is a pretty safe place for expats. However, the cost of living in Singapore is very high and you need to have a good income to sustain yourself here. The locals are friendly and easy-going so you won’t have a hard time making friends here. The city is a truly global city in all aspects and is also the regional hub for many multinational companies. From finance to IT, you will find plenty of options in Singapore. Overall the vibe of the country is fast-paced, cosmopolitan, and modern.


You may be surprised to know that Malaysia is a great option for expats wanting to move to Asia. Situated across the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo, this country is a unique combination culture, traditions, and modernity. Most expats live in the thriving capital of Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is the perfect blend of east and west. English is widely spoken here and the cost of living is relatively cheap. As compared to Thailand or Singapore, Malaysia is much cheaper. Malaysia, its people, and the local culture will surprise you in every way.


Vietnam is becoming an increasingly popular destination in Asia for expats. Thousands of expats are relocating to the region every year. Similar to Thailand Vietnam also offers diversity like a mountainside, rice terraces, tropical mangroves, and much more. Expats usually work and live in Ho Chi Minh City, and Hanoi. Ho Chi Min City also known as Saigon is one of the advanced and modern cities in Vietnam. The cost of living here is relatively cheap and Vietnamese people are very friendly.


The Philippines is an archipelago nation and is considered Asia’s hidden gem. The country is a huge hit with tourists as the locals here are very welcoming and friendly. The capital of Manila is a modern mix of people from all over the world.  Although the city is jam-packed all the time, the cost of living here is cheap. The Philippines offers charming scenic beauty to please your heart. Expats mostly live in Manila and English is widely spoken across the country.

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