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by Bienu 30 September 2020

Hidden costs in University Education

Singapore is world-famous for its high-quality education and features prominently in global surveys on research and innovation while deliberating on the highest standard of teaching and research. The country offers a big scope for higher education not only for Singaporeans but for foreign students as well.

But it comes at a cost, significant costs!

So, it is very important that proper budgeting is done before proceeding for higher education. Till now, parents were bearing the entire cost of your education but now it’s time that you shoulder the responsibility of your education. This way budgeting is a crucial part not only for international students but for local students as well. The top financial concern for those planning to attend a Singaporean university would be tuition fees. And if you think that you are just done with it, and you can turn a new leaf of your life by pursuing your dream of higher education, you are sadly mistaken! There are other hidden costs, for which you have not accounted for, probably.

Hidden Costs:

Text Books, Equipment & Gadgets

You will find a drastic change in the cost of books at University than school books which your parents use to buy you from school’s book shop for the year. At University, the course books and reference books would be quite expensive, which nobody told you about. A single book can range between S$50 – 150, so you can imagine how much you would be spending on just books.


This is followed by buying a laptop as you were using school desk top till now. Any course you pursue, irrespective of its course content, the laptop is a must and it costs quite a few dollars. It is near impossible to sail through higher education without a laptop, it becomes a matter of your educational survival. As students, you need to carry laptops to your class for many courses.


Besides, if the nature of your course is technical, you would be required to purchase materials and equipment for your various projects and assignments.


University education is incomplete without Inter-University Programs, overseas cultural exchange programs or even entrepreneurship programs. Many of these are quite important for overall personality development and adding perspective to your student life. hence difficult to miss.


If you opt for hostel accommodation or even dorm or renting an apartment to save on travel time and related stress. you need to shell out few hundred dollars more.

Moreover, commuting, canteen, cafes, shopping for dresses & accessories are another integral part of expenses, which you need to account for.

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