Minimize Tuition Costs Singapore | Ways to Save Money for Singaporean Parents

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by Priyadarshini 28 November 2022

If you are worried about managing your child’s education costs, read this blog. We tell you three ways to minimize tuition costs in Singapore.

Minimize Tuition Costs in Singapore

When enrolling your child in private school, exercise extreme caution

Yes, we know that every parent wishes their child to become a heart surgeon or an investment banker. However, paying more for tuition does not guarantee that he will perform better in school. Anyone who has worked with children knows how stressed out and sleep-deprived they are these days. Adding tuition to an already overburdened child’s workload can make his grades worse rather than better. Learning necessitates self-study and adequate rest.

Furthermore, as anyone in the shadow education industry will tell you, many incompetent tutors exist—even those with university degrees and professional jobs. When it comes to tuition, more is not always better. Hiring one good tutor (and you can only tell if a tutor is good after a few classes) in one subject where your child really needs help is preferable to hiring random tutors for every subject.

When researching overseas education options, make sure to cover all of your bases

Taking advantage of free or nearly free university education in continental Europe frequently entails learning a third language, such as French or German, which forward-thinking parents may be able to inspire their children to do. Even for students who can only complete a degree in English, there are numerous English-taught postgraduate courses available in European countries with low or no tuition.

Those whose children are fluent in Chinese may want to consider some of China’s better universities, where tuition is much lower than at our local universities and living costs are obviously lower. Japanese universities are also generally less expensive than those in Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom for those who have studied Japanese as a third language.

Make adequate sleep and self-motivation a priority

Parents would be wise to stop spending money to force-feed their children with extra lessons and instead focus on ensuring the child gets enough sleep, has enough free time, and is self-motivated. Even without instruction, a well-rested, well-balanced, and self-motivated child will find a way to climb mountains.
Parents should also try to instill self-motivation and a love of learning in their children at a young age, rather than always using carrot-and-stick methods to get their children to perform well in school.

For example, weekly library visits and nighttime reading to your child can instill a love of reading that will benefit their language and critical thinking skills more than any amount of money.

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