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by Priyadarshini 14 January 2021

Melbourne is also known as the capital of Victoria state in Australia. It is a remote but vibrant city nonetheless. If you have upcoming plans for moving to Melbourne, then read this blog carefully. We bring you an all-you-need-to-know guide for living in Melbourne. 

Tips for Moving to Melbourne

Plan your entire relocation process to Melbourne in a detailed manner. We suggest it’s best to hire a moving company as they can take care of the documentation, permits, packing, moving, transportation, and delivery of your goods. Additionally, if you have a pet then keep in mind that it will at least take you two months to ship your pet to Melbourne. 

Melbourne is located at the southern tip of the island of Australia and because of its location the city becomes remote. If you drive down from Sydney, it will take you good nine long hours to reach Melbourne. Despite the isolation, Melbourne is pretty popular with expats from all over the world. If you are moving to Melbourne, you will find beautiful and clean beaches, some amazing cafes, many cultural festivals, operas, and ballets, etc. to spend your leisure time. 


The climate here is volatile and unpredictable. Weather in Melbourne can change in the blink of an eye and you must be prepared no matter what time of the day it is. Summers are great but it is a common phenomenon to have days with a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius or more. So, you may have to experience intense hot days if you are not used to such high temperatures. Winters are mild but can suddenly have a few freezing cold days. Hail and thunderstorm are a common thing here.


Melbourne is the second-largest city in the Australian continent and it has a population of over 5 million people. The city is popular with expats and foreigners so you will find residents from multiple countries here. The city accepts diversity and the locals here are friendly. You can easily make friends with the locals in the city as it is a multi-cultural place to live in. 

Working in Melbourne

Expats from all over the world come to work and live here. The city offers relatively high salaries when compared to other cities in Australia. There are many corporate organizations and other industries in the city. For instance, financial and insurance sectors, technology industries, public administration, etc. among many others. Today, Melbourne is also growing to be a major hub for digital technology and creative businesses. 


There are many types of visas and work permits for you to apply for if you plan for moving to Melbourne. It will mostly depend on your educational qualifications. However, most commonly when people relocate to Melbourne on a long-term basis, they apply for a Skilled Worker Visa.  

Cost of Living 

Again, the major portion of your expenses will go after paying rent. Rent is on the higher side in Melbourne if you wish to live close to the city center. If you are relocating from Sydney, you may find the rental costs to be suitable. Be prepared to shell out around $400 per week for rent. This is for locations in the main city. You can save a bit on rent by choosing a location farther from the city. 

Public Transport 

The public transport is fairly decent. However, you will be required to purchase a Myki card for using public transport. You can get them from a train station nearby or a 7-Eleven store as well. Myki cards are also available on various apps on your smartphone like Google Pay, etc. 

 All in all, Melbourne is a great place to live and work. Are you planning for moving to Melbourne? You will be in good public education or schools, a robust healthcare sector, and a warm friendly welcome by the locals. The expat scene here is thriving and the atmosphere is multi-cultural.

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