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by Priyadarshini 14 January 2021

Australian coasts have always been popular with expats. If you are planning to move to Sydney, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, read all about moving to Sydney. Undoubtedly, Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia. The city has everything for a nature lover, beaches, forests, huge gardens sprawling over landscapes, parks, etc. There are plenty of restaurants, museums, art galleries, theatres and many other things for your entertainment.


The climate of Sydney is pleasant and it is one of the best places if you enjoy sunny weather. The city has warm summer seasons and experiences mild winters. Summers are the best part of moving to Sydney as there is ample sunshine, trees are in full bloom, birds chirping everywhere and the entire landscape is vibrant. In the winters, the temperature may sometimes drop to 10 degrees Celsius.


The total population of Sydney stands over 5 million, making it the largest city in Australia. English is the official language here and you will find many expats residing and working in the city. This makes Sydney one of the most densely populated and busiest cities in Australia. You will find foreigners from New Zealand, the UK, India, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and many other nations. The local culture here is dynamic and composed of multi-cultural communities.

Working in Sydney

Sydney being the largest city in Australia has many work opportunities. However, if you are moving to Sydney, you may have to go through a grind to find the perfect job for yourself. If you are coming to Sydney on a project/assignment by your current employer, then you can save the hassle. The city has big corporate firms, multi-national companies, law firms, finance organizations, IT/engineering, or Tech companies. Additionally, you can also find job opportunities in the hospitality, construction, retail, education, and administrative sectors.


You can move to Sydney by applying for a work visa/ permit or if your employer is providing your visa. Also, the kind of jobs you get in Sydney will depend on the kind of visa you have. Alternately, if you are between the age of 18-30 years you may consider the working holiday visa which grants you one year’s stay initially.

Cost of Living

This is a very important factor while you deciding your relocation. The cost of living here is high and the major part of the cost will go into rental charges. Rents in Sydney are expensive and you may have to incur a cost of AU$250 per week. Again, this depends on the kind of place you want to rent out, the location of your apartment, etc. Utilities and internet services can cost you around AU$300 every quarter. A decent meal at a restaurant would cost you approx. $15-$20.

Public Transport

The city is fairly well-connected with buses and trains. However, once in a while there can be issues like a mechanical failure in trains, buses being late, etc. The traffic in the city is packed and a nightmare for most drivers. You will get Uber and taxi service in the city but thanks to the traffic it will take you a while to reach your destination. Using trains are a much better option relatively.

Overall, Sydney is safe a city. However, no place is crime-free. The laws here are strict and it does not allow people to carry any weapons, so the chances of anyone sticking a knife out are thin to none. If you want to become a Sydney-sider then get in touch with us, as we provide end-to-end services for moving to Sydney.

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