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by Priyadarshini 12 June 2023

If you are planning to take a leap and give your life a new direction, consider moving to Africa. Europe and the Americas have always been popular, but the geographical, cultural diversity African countries offer is stunning. The continent is huge and divided into many sub-regions. Many multinational companies have opened their offices across Africa and you can work with better pay & perks. In this blog, we tell you about the popular countries in Africa for expats.

While thinking about which are the best places for expats in Africa, you will come across many opinions on the internet. However, we suggest that you keep your expectations realistic and be open to new cultures and atmospheres. Africa isn’t quite like your regular developed places, but you will find humble joys if you are an adventurous spirit. Also, the cost of living here is cheaper than in first countries. All you need is a curious mind, eager to soak in new flavors, open to learning new things and you find living and working in African nations an enjoyable experience.

Popular Countries in Africa for Expats:


Egypt is one of the most developed places in Africa and Cairo is one of the best places in Egypt. Not only is it an ancient city, but it also has a modern conventional side to it.  You may be surprised to know that over 30,000 expats live and work in Cairo. Amidst all the chaos of city life, the desert heat, etc. be sure the pyramids of Giza will make you forget everything else.

South Africa

South Africa is definitely one of the popular countries in Africa to live and work in. South Africa has a gorgeous coastline, stunning mountains, and mesmerizing savannahs. Cape Town is the most modern city here and is the perfect haven for jobs related to media & advertising, and technology. Durban & Jozi are also very popular with expats. You can teach English or work with a multinational company or work in government services.


Well, Kenya is much more than just a tourist destination famous for its safaris. Kenya is one of the major spots in the eastern African region for economic activities. And this obviously means plenty of jobs in the market. Here you can work in journalism, finance, or economics, etc. Nairobi Mombasa is where many expats live and work.  Kenya is one of the popular countries in Africa for expats.


It is lesser-known to people but Ghana remains one of the best nations to live in Africa. Ghana boasts of a stable economy and is home to a wide range of jobs in this region. You can take up work that makes a difference however small it be. For instance, construct schools, or work in a housing project, build health care centers for local people, etc. There are many job opportunities with NGOs as well, you can teach English to the local students, or work on social issues projects, and much more.


This is a historic city situated in the north of Africa. People here speak both French and Arabic. You will find some of the most developed cities here in Morocco. Here you can work to teach English or for healthcare sectors, women’s rights NGOs, etc. Life in Morocco for expats is really interesting given its unique culture, landscapes, and vibe!

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