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by Priyadarshini 14 June 2023

Renting may be an expensive sinkhole where your money goes towards someone else’s equity, but for some, it’s a small price to pay. Afterall, you get  that sweet, sweet independence. Singapore is a very expensive city to live in. And renting here is not easy. So, we tell you here’s how to rent homes in Singapore. There is something for evreyone, no matter how big or small your budget is.

Factors to Consider to Rent Homes in Singapore:

Rent – While everyone wants to live in the city centre, it is not always affordable. You’ll have to strike a balance between convenience and cost.

Workplace location – Choose a location that allows you to commute to your workplace as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Transport links – Unless you plan to buy a car (which is extremely expensive), you will have to rely on the MRT and bus network. It is well worth paying more to live within walking distance of an MRT station. Keep in mind buses significantly lengthen travel time.

Schools – If your children will be joining you in Singapore, the location of international schools may influence your decision. This is less of an issue if your children will be attending a local school.

Also, you can look for neighbourhood amenities like public swimming pools, libraries, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. It will be of help to have these facilties nearby.

Rental Costs in Singapore

You must first decide on the type of accommodation you want to rent. You have the following options :

Room in a shared HDB flat

This usually (but not always) entails living with the landlord. Because HDB flats do not have amenities such as swimming pools or 24-hour security. Renting a room in a HDB flat (public housing in which approximately 80% of the population lives) is your cheapest option.

Shared apartment or house

The most common arrangement is to share an apartment in a condominium development with other tenants. Condominiums may include amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts, barbecue pits, and 24-hour security.

Entire HDB flat

This is the most affordable option if you require an entire unit to yourself. The smallest units are 2-room flexi flats (1-bedroom + living room), but these are scarce. The next cheapest option is a 3-room flat (2 bedrooms + living room).

Complete Condominium or House

Shoebox studio condominium units are the smallest and least expensive option. If you are relocating to Singapore with your family, you may want to consider renting an entire apartment or house. Houses or landed properties are more likely to be located far from MRT stations. Obviously, rental costs vary greatly depending on the type of housing you choose. For instance, size, whether the property is furnished or not, and the area in which you wish to live.

Areas Popular with Expats

The vast majority of Singaporeans do not rent homes, preferring (or being forced to) live with their parents until they are ready to buy a home.
Older and wealthier expats tend to gravitate toward the most expensive areas, such as Orchard (and surrounding areas such as River Valley, Tanglin, and Grange Road), the CBD zone and Marina Bay (and surrounding areas such as Robertson Quay), and Sentosa Cove.

The following areas have proven popular with foreign renters while remaining relatively affordable for younger expats who aren’t made of money.


This western neighbourhood is popular with expat families and is only a short ride from Orchard Road. A popular option for those working at NUS on the nearby West Coast.

Tiong Bahru

A hipsterish district with a thriving cafe and bar scene, Tiong Bahru is also close to the CBD and city core. The rapidly gentrifying neighbourhood attracts young, fashion-conscious locals and expats.

Farrer Park / Little India

Due to its proximity to the CBD and central entertainment districts, Farrer Park / Little India is popular with young professionals.

Woodlands / Jurong 

The majority of expats in these areas are families with children who attend local international schools.

Paya Lebar / Eunos

Popular with young professionals working in the CBD and Changi Business Park, this area is close to the city centre while remaining pleasant and affordable. You can rent homes in Singapore by filtering your search according to your choice of area.

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