Factors for School Admission | Things Singaporeans Are Looking for School Admission

by Priyadarshini 8 February 2023

Education is a crucial part of a child’s upbringing. That’s why the school you put your child in is also equally important. In this blog, we tell you the factors for school admission Singaporeans are looking for. Read on to know more. 

Factors for School Admission

High PSLE scores continue to be the most important factor

When asked what makes a school a good school, 72.8% of parents said a track record of high PSLE scores. The second most important factor, cited by 70.6% of respondents, was students from primary school being admitted to reputable secondary schools. At first glance, these findings may appear to contradict parents’ actual spending habits. While most parents were pleased with the schools in which their children were enrolled, the shadow education system in the form of private tuition remains a multibillion-dollar industry.

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Parents are beginning to value extracurricular activities more

While baby boomer parents may have objected to their children taking on too many CCA commitments because it would distract them from their studies, parents of today’s primary school cohorts are beginning to “want it all” for their children. If these activities are not available at school, parents are willing to pay for them elsewhere. According to reports, Singaporean parents are not afraid to spend large sums of money on enrichment classes for their children.

Parents on a tight budget should look into what their schools have to offer in terms of CCAs and other enrichment activities such as overseas field trips. Enrolling children in activities through their schools is typically less expensive than enrolling them privately. As a result, parents who want to expose their children to sports can consider enrolling their child in more than one sports CCA as early as possible. 

Character development and value instillation

The overwhelming majority of parents believed that character development was an important factor to consider when selecting a primary school for their children. The importance of character and values was rated as important by 94.9% of respondents. However, whether this is a reasonable expectation or not, remains a debatable topic. 

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